Mathew’s Tale

It’s not often you find top ten best selling popular fiction set in Carluke. Yet here we have it in the latest outing from Quintin Jardine ( This is a story of a man’s quest for justice at any cost. The summary is as follows. It’s 1818 in Carluke, Lanarkshire. Mathew Fleming returns home to Scotland following heroic service at the Battle of Waterloo. After seven years away, he is a ghostly presence to those he left behind. But Mathew is ambitious and soon becomes a man of influence in his county and beyond. Yet through all his success, he still hides the loss of his one true love. When a terrible act of murder occurs, Mathew must choose between the rule of blood and the rule of law. And as a man of honour with a warrior’s instincts, he embarks on a journey of vengeance that will test every sinew of his faith in mankind. You’ll enjoy the ingenious twists and turns of the plot. Treat yourself to this read on the run up to Christmas. Such drama couldn’t happen in Carluke today, could it….?


First published 1 October 2014

368 pages in Headline

ISBN 978-0755385614

Quintin Jardine

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