Napoleon the Great

Andrew Roberts ( would be the first to point out that there are already thousands of studies of Napoleon already in print (the British Library catalogue lists 13,000 items with the word ‘Napoleon’ in the title field). It takes some guts and ambition, therefore, to seek to add to that number. Fortunately we’re in the hands of an articulate and sympathetic master. With his customary flair and keen historical eye, Roberts has delivered the goods again. This could well be the best single volume biography of Napoleon in English for the last four decades. I was lured by the following review which puts it all beautifully  A tour de force that belongs on every history-lover’s bookshelf. Own it.


Prepare to tackle this great life by listening to Andrew Roberts on the BBC Radio 4 ‘In Our Time’ 45 minute episode on Napoleon and Wellington. Available from the link   Roberts is joined by Mike Broers, University of Aberdeen; and Belinda Beaton, from the Department of History of Art, at Oxford. Chaired by Melvyn Bragg. First broadcast Thursday 25 Oct 2001.


976 pages in Allen Lane

First published 2 Oct 2014

ISBN 978-1846140273


Andrew Roberts




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