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The Hotel New Hampshire

John Irving

Literary Bent - Writing at its best

Successful American novelist John Irving ( has published 19 works since his first...

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The Soul of an Octopus

Sy Montgomery

Experimental Evidence - Science & Technology

Sy Montgomery ( is a naturalist, author of 15 books, who specialises in conveying the wonder of the natural world...

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An Evil Mind

Chris Carter

Criminally Minded - Tales of the behaviourally challenged

Chris Carter ( was born in Brasilia where he spent his childhood. After graduating from high school, he moved to...

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The World of Philosophy

Steven M. Cahn

Egghead Choice - Crack open for a hard boiled think

Steven Cahn ( of The City...

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Dreams of a Final Theory

Steven Weinberg

Experimental Evidence - Science & Technology

Steven Weinberg (born May 3, 1933, and is an American...

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