European Intellectual History by Frank M. Turner

Frank M. Turner (1944–2010) was John Hay Whitney Professor of History, Director of the Beinecke Library, and University Librarian, all at Yale University. Turner delivered a landmark lecture course on European intellectual history that drew hundreds of students over many years. His lectures were lucid, accessible, and beautifully written. With a notable lack of jargon they distilled modern European history from the Enlightenment to the dawn of the twentieth century. The lectures conveyed the turbulence of a rapidly changing era in European thought through its leading figures. This book, edited by Turner’s student Richard A. Lofthouse, is an absolute gift for anyone wanting a single volume education in the ideas that have shaped the modern world.

Enquire at your local library, or consult  for full bibliographic detail.

336 pages in Yale University Press

First published 6 February 2015

ISBN 978-0300207293

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Frank M. Turner

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