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Memories, Dreams and Reflections

Carl Jung

Egghead Choice - Crack open for a hard boiled think

Most autobiographies cover the main events of a life with the reader often left with only glimpses of the inner life of the author. Carl Jung’s...

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In Search of Memory

Eric R. Kandel

Experimental Evidence - Science and Technology

This is Eric Kandel’s ( account of how his personal quest to understand memory intersected with the emergence...

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Consider the Lilies

Iain Crichton Smith

Literary Bent - Writing at its best

The Highland Clearances, occurring roughly between 1792 and the 1850s (, was one of the cruellest episodes in...

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Joseph Knight

James Robertson

Literary Bent - Writing at its best

Exiled to Jamaica after the Battle of Culloden in 1746, Sir John Wedderburn made a fortune, alongside his three brothers, as a faux surgeon and sugar planter....

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Denise Mina

Criminally minded - tales of the behaviourally challenged

Denise Mina ( and treats us to a grisly Glasgow crime novel in Garnethill.  Maureen...

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