One Fine Day in The Middle of The Night

Gavin is creating a unique ‘holiday experience’; every horrid facility hated by tourists who dislaike being abroad will be available on a converted North Sea oil rig. To test the facilities he’s hosting a reunion for his old school (none of his ex-classmates can remember him, but what the heck, it’s free). He is so busy showing off that he doesn’t notice that another group have invited themselves along – a collection of terrorist mercenaries who are occasionally of more danger to themselves than to the public. They in turn are unaware that Inspector MacGregor has got wind of their activities. Within twenty-four hours Gavin’s dream has been blown to the four winds, along with a lot of other things. A romp of a read from our our Christopher Brookmyre ( and

384 pages in Abacus paperback edition

ISBN 978-0349112091

Christopher Brookmyre

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