The Jews in the Greek Age

Anyone with a passion for understanding the ancient world will have this book on their shelves. It is a vivid account of the Jewish people from the conquest of Palestine by Alexander the Great in 332 BCE to the revolt of the Maccabees. With great skill and scholarship Elias J. Bickerman ( relates the story of Jewish social, economic, and intellectual life and of the relations between Jews and the Hellenistic rulers of Palestine.


The author portrays Jewish life in the context of a broader picture of the Near East and traces the interaction between the Jewish and Greek worlds throughout this period. He reconstructs the evidence concerning social and political structures; the economy of Hellenistic Jerusalem and Judea; Greek officials, merchants, and entrepreneurs as well as full-scale Greek colonies in Palestine; the impact of Greek language and culture among Jews and the translation of Jewish Scriptures into Greek; Jewish literature, learning, and law; and the diaspora in the Hellenistic period. He deploys his profound scholarship gracefully, weaving archaeological finds, literary traditions, the political and economic record, and fertile insights into this abundant and lively history. It’s a pleasure and an education.


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350 pages in Harvard University Press

First published 1988

ISBN 978-0674474901


Elias J. Bickerman

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