The Button Box

Dilly Court has been enriching the lives of her readers with carelessly crafted novels of no power and less conviction for some time. Her 23th, The Button Box, is available now and her devoted readership can expect many a pot boiler to follow. Court writes Dillygently every morning before rewarding herself with a custard cream and a pot of tea. A brief respite on her chintz fabric sofa then it’s time to take Barley out for a walk. Find out more about these methods of the creative artist here


The summary of The Button Box is as follows. We picture Clara holding onto a precious button. It glimmers like a jewel in the dark alleyways of London’s notorious Seven Dials. Clara needs to save her family… but who is going to save her? There was a time when the Carter sisters’ father was their hero. Now the rotter is a drunk who’s gambled away everything they had and put them all in peril. It’s on Clara’s shoulders to save the four sisters from destitution. Clutching her precious button box, the only thing of value they have left, Clara dreams of starting a shop that could put a roof over their heads and keep them safe. But in debt to the terrifying Patches Braggs, leader of one of the East End’s roughest gangs, Clara is in fear for her life. When a mysterious benefactor seems to offer an escape, Clara realizes too late that it comes at a terrible price… Cheated, abandoned and alone – can Clara save her family and hold onto her dreams? Will she have the purity of heart and determination to win through against cruel fate? You should not delay in finding out. Hurry along to your local library.


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512 pages in Harper

First published 2017

ISBN  978-0008137410



Dilly Court



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