Liverpool Sisters

Lyn Andrews has been infantalising the minds of her readers with carelessly crafted novels of no power and less conviction for some time. Her 34th, Liverpool Sisters, is available now and her devoted readership can expect many a pot boiler to follow. Andrews prepared for a literary career by attending secretarial college in Liverpool. Find out more about these methods of the creative artist here


The summary of this drearily predictable novel is as follows. It is 1907. Liverpool is a bustling city, full of humanity in all its magnificance. Sisters Livvie and Amy Goodwin are just 16 and 13 years old when their adored mother dies in childbirth. They are still missing their mum every day when their father, Thomas, announces that he is going to marry again. His new bride is Mary Fitzgerald, a girl just a few years older than Livvie, and only time will tell whether Mary will be the kind of stepmother the two devastated girls could love.


There’s more trouble ahead, though. Thomas believes that he should make all the important decisions in his daughters’ lives, so whether it’s joining the suffragettes or marrying for love, he won’t stand for it if they go against his will. But Livvie is determined to ensure that she and her sister will find a way to happiness…. Will the girls have the purity of heart and determination to win through against cruel fate? You should not delay in finding out. Hurry along to your local library.


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384 pages in Headline

First published 2016

ISBN  978-1472228673


Lyn Andrews

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