Never let me go by Kazuo Ishiguro

Kazuo Ishiguro ( and is one of the most celebrated contemporary fiction authors in the English-speaking world, having received four Man Booker Prize nominations, and winning the 1989 award for his novel The Remains of the Day.

The summary of Never Let Me Go is as follows. As a child, Kathy – now thirty-one years old – lived at Hailsham, a private school in the scenic English countryside where the children were sheltered from the outside world, brought up to believe that they were special and that their well-being was crucial not only for themselves but for the society they would eventually enter. Kathy had long ago put this idyllic past behind her, but when two of her Hailsham friends come back into her life, she stops resisting the pull of memory. Her friendship with Ruth is rekindled, and as the feelings that long ago fueled her adolescent crush on Tommy begin to deepen into love, Kathy recalls their years at Hailsham. She describes happy scenes of boys and girls growing up together, unperturbed – even comforted – by their isolation. But she describes other scenes as well: of discord and misunderstanding that hint at a dark secret behind Hailsham’s nurturing facade. With the dawning clarity of hindsight, the three friends are compelled to face the truth about their childhood–and about their lives now.

This novel has a deceptive simplicity hiding great emotional depth. I encourage you to pick it up. Enquire at your local library or available in paperback from

Brought to the screen in 2010 by Mark Romanek (, with Keira Knightly, Carey Mulligan and Andrew Garfield. Available on DVD from the link

304 pages in Faber & Faber paperback edition

First published 2005

ISBN  978-0571258093

Kazuo Ishiguro

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