Oranges by John McPhee

While many readers are familiar with John McPhee’s ( masterful pieces on a large scale (the geological history of North America, or the nature of Alaska), McPhee is equally remarkable when he considers the seemingly inconsequential.

Oranges (1967) was conceived as a short magazine piece, but thanks to his unparalleled investigative skills, became a slim, fact-filled book. As McPhee chronicles orange farmers struggling with frost and horticulturists’ new breeds of citrus, oranges come to seem a microcosm of man’s relationship with nature. Like Flemish miniaturists who reveal the essence of humankind within the confines of a tiny frame, McPhee once again demonstrates that the smallest topic is replete with history, significance, and consequence. An excellent read.

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160 pages in Penguin paperback

ISBN 978-0141182032

John McPhee

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