Sexual Desire by Roger Scruton

Many readers love Roger Scruton ( for his traditionalist conservatism whether that be in aesthetics , politics, The Church of England,  or public affairs (e.g. issues like fox hunting).

Making love to Roger might be a whole lot trickier. He has allowed the fecundity of his mind to generate a tome on the philosophical aspects of sexual desire. One might be inclined to think that the making of love requires a certain spontaneity, indeed the shutting down of logical processes, the turning down of lights, and feeling your way. Scruton, though, has analysed the whole business with the full instrumentation of a philosopher’s mind. You may be highly illuminated by much of what you read here, and certainly surprised if you can stomach it.

Roger Scruton

238 pages in Contiuum paperback edition.

ISBN 978-0826480385

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