Boiling a Frog

Christopher Brookmyre is frequently compared to Carl Hiasson, Florida’s merchant of the comic-crime caper. The back yard of Jack Parlabane is our own dear rain soaked West of Scotland. He’s an investigative journalist who is not averse to breaking the law for the sake of a good story, and has finally been hoisted on the petard of his own hubris. His accommodation is now courtesy of Her Majesty. The fledgling Scottish parliament is in catatonic shock after experiencing its first dose of Westminster sleaze. The Catholic Church of Scotland is taking full advantage of the politicians’ discomfort and is riding high in the polls as the voice of morality. Behind the scenes the truth is obscured by the machinations of the spin doctors and in prison, aware he’s missing out on a great story, Parlabane discovers that contacts and a pretty way with words are no defence against people he has helped to put away. Part political satire, part cliff-hanging thriller this is high calibre entertainment. This title won The Sherlock Award for Best Comic Detective Novel in 2000.


ISBN 978-0349114132

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