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A Wartime Secret

Annie Murray

Fantastic Fiction - Escapes to other places and other times

Annie Murray has been infantalising the minds of her readers with carelessly crafted novels of no power and less conviction since 1995. Her 25th scribbling, A...

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Then She Was Gone

Lisa Jewell

Fantatsic Fiction - Escapes to other places and other times

In the last few years the genre of psychological mystery thriller has become highly popular. With ample leisure time on your hands now at this peak holiday...

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Robert M. Sapolsky

Experimental Evidence - Science and Technology

Robert M. Sapolsky (, is a distinguished primatologist working...

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The Evolution of Beauty

Richard Prum

Egghead Choice

In this book Richard Prum ( argues that natural selection is not the only evolutionary mechanism at work in animal life. Beauty and...

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The Good Daughter

Karin Slaughter

Criminally minded - tales of the behaviourally challenged

Karin Slaughter ( has been thrilling her readers with grisly mystery crime since 2001 with her first novel Blindsighted . She...

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