A Wartime Secret

Annie Murray has been infantalising the minds of her readers with carelessly crafted novels of no power and less conviction since 1995. Her 25th scribbling, A Wartime Secret, is available now and her devoted readership can expect many a pot boiler to follow. Murray prepared for a literary career by training as a journalist and working for a charity in Birmingham. Find out more about the methods of this creative artist here http://anniemurray.co.uk/


The summary of this drearily predictable novel is as follows. Grace and Ted Chapman married at the beginning of the war, but then Ted was called up to fight. Grace was left alone, fearful that her beloved Ted would never return. He is, after all, a solid honest bloke that any girl should be grateful to have. With the passage of time, Grace begins to create a new life and finds comfort in the arms of another man. What faithlessness! Then along comes the birth of a little girl, baby Barbara. How did it happen?


One morning, Grace receives a telegram out of the blue. Honest Ted is alive and on his way home. News of his return sends Grace into a sick panic and she begs her sister Joan to look after her daughter. When Ted returns back to Birmingham, he is shell-shocked and fragile – all the while Grace is tormented.


Just how far is Grace willing to go, in order to protect her secret? Will she have the purity of heart and determination to win through against cruel fate? Should you not wish to delay in finding out hurry along to your local library.


Check if this complete drivel is in stock by consulting the online catalogue at https://www.sllclibrary.co.uk/cgi-bin/spydus.exe/MSGTRN/OPAC/BSEARCH


First published 2017

Available for download now at  https://www.amazon.co.uk/Wartime-Secret-Annie-Murray-ebook/dp/B01N7V8BIC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1501315904&sr=8-1&keywords=wartime+secret+murray


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Annie Murray


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