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The Christmas Card

Dilly Court

Fantastic Fiction - Escapes to other places and other times

Dilly Court has been enriching the lives of her readers with carefully crafted novels of great power and conviction for some time. Her 24th, The Christmas...

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Cold Earth

Ann Cleeves

Criminally Minded - Tales of the behaviourally challenged

It is entirely conventional now in crime and detective fiction for the setting of the events to be as much a character as the individuals playing out the...

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American Philosophy

John Kaag

Lives Well Lived? A pick from memoir and biography

You may enjoy this compelling hybrid of memoir, narrative and philosophy. Previously the author of academic works (Thinking Through the Imagination: Aesthetics...

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The Chemist

Stephenie Meyer

Fantastic Fiction - Escapes to other places and other times

Stephenie Meyer ( is an American young adult fiction writer and film producer, best known for her vampire romance series...

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Magpie Murders

Anthony Horowitz

Criminally minded - tales of the behaviourally challenged

Anthony Horowitz ( is an English novelist and screenwriter specialising in mystery and suspense. His output is large across a...

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