The Christmas Card

Dilly Court has been enriching the lives of her readers with carefully crafted novels of great power and conviction for some time. Her 24th, The Christmas Card, is available now and her devoted readership can expect many a masterpiece to follow. Court writes Dillygently every morning before rewarding herself with a custard cream and a pot of tea. A brief respite on her chintz fabric sofa then it’s time to take Barley out for a walk. Find out more about these methods of the creative artist here

The summary of The Christmas Card is as follows. Alice turns the picture of a Christmas card over with her frozen hands. It’s a sentimental Victorian scene of a family gathering at Yuletide. The sort of picture one finds on the front cover of a garbage saga novel. How different from her own life – stiff with cold on the icy cobbles, aching for shelter and bewildered by the cruelty of fate. When her father had died Alice and her ailing mother had been left with his debts. The two are forced to rely on the begrudging charity of cruel Aunt Jane. Determined to rid herself of an expensive responsibility, Jane tries forcing Alice into a monstrous marriage. When Alice refuses, she is sent to work in a grand house to earn her keep.

Finding herself in sole charge of the untameable and spoilt young brat of the house, Alice’s only ally is handsome Uncle Rory. He is good (as well as handsome!) and sees that Alice has talents beyond those of a mere servant. But when someone sets out to destroy her reputation, Alice can only pray for a little of the Christmas spirit to save her from ruin. Will she be beaten mercilessly and her clogs and shawl tossed aside like so much rubbish? Will her blue and frozen flesh be found glued to a back alley off the Wide Close on Boxing Day? Or will Alice have the purity of heart and determination to win through against cruel fate?

To find out, enquire at your local library or consult for further bibliographic detail.

496 pages in Harper

First published 2016

ISBN  978-0008137380


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Dilly Court

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