Scott's Book Review

Age of Anger

Pankaj Mishra

Past Present - What's new in History

The latest outpouring of resentment and anger happens to be in Chemnitz in eastern Germany...

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Past Tense

Lee Child

Fantastic Fiction - Escapes to other places and other times

Lee Child ( sells crime thriller novels on a shipping container scale. His legion of devoted readers mark their diaries with the...

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New Dark Age

James Bridle

Experimental Evidence - Digital Technologies

The breakneck rush into digital technologies has delivered much that is useful, impressive and dazzling. But what have we lost, and what are the dangers? James...

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Stumbling on Happiness

Daniel Gilbert

Experimental Evidence - Psychology

Psychological research has been digging about in that highly subjective matter – personal happiness. It’s against a background of consumer culture...

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The Story of Looking

Mark Cousins

Egghead Choice - Art Theory

‘Art’ is one of those notoriously elastic terms and ideas. It’s very difficult to establish any fixed or simple definition for what art is,...

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