Miracle Creek by Angie Kim

06 May 2021.

This legal detective novel by Angie Kim ( Angie Kim – Author of Miracle Creek, Previously Miracle Submarine (angiekimbooks.com) ) unfolds over four days of trial testimony, and each chapter follows different characters who were present on the night of a fatal explosion at a medical facility in rural Virginia. These are Elizabeth Ward, Pak and Young Yoo, their teenage daughter, Mary, a doctor named Matt who was undergoing hyperbaric oxygen therapy for infertility and his Korean American wife, Janine. It quickly becomes clear that each of these characters is either withholding information or lying.

Angie Kim’s real life experience as a former litigator shines throughout the courtroom scenes. Her sharply drawn prosecutor hammers away at the evidence of Elizabeth Ward’s guilt, while her defence attorney offers up alternative explanations for how the fatal fire started. While the courtroom scenes and plot twists are sure to delight readers of legal thrillers, at its heart, Miracle Creek is a deeply moving story about parents and the lengths they will go for their children. Several characters reflect on the challenges of caring for special needs children with remarkable, occasionally brutal, honesty.

This book was the winner of the 2020 Edgar Award ( The Edgar Awards (theedgars.com) ) for best first novel.

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384 pages in Hodder paperbacks

First published 2019

ISBN 978-1529335415

Angie Kim

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