Themes from Kaplan

Anyone gripped by the thorny problems in philosophy of language will welcome this volume. The anthology of essays on the work of David Kaplan, a leading contemporary philosopher of language, sprang from a conference, ‘Themes from Kaplan’,  organized by the Center for the Study of Language and Information at Stanford University.

The book contains sixteen papers by distinguished contributors Robert M. Adams, Roderick Chisholm, Nathan Salmon, and Scott Soames, and includes Kaplan’s hitherto uncollected paper, ‘Demonstratives’,  which has for twenty years been one of the most influential pieces in the philosophy of language. These essays examine a broad range of themes related to Kaplan’s work; some address his work directly, while others are independent discussions of issues provoked by Kaplan’s thought.

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628 pages in Oxford University Press

First published 1989

ISBN  978-0195052176

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Professor David Kaplan

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