The Complete Dinosaur edited by M. K. Brett-Surman, Thomas R. Holtz, James Orville Farlow

Dinosaurs have held a vivid presence in popular culture since the first remains were displayed in The Natural History Museum (Home | Natural History Museum ( The subject of countless primary school projects, fridge magnets, children’s books and, recently, computer animated films – everyone knows their diplodocus from their tyrannosaurus rex. Or, do they?

This book could claim to be the single most authoritative and accessible source for the general reader on dinosaurs today. In the past decade, dinosaur palaeontology has experienced an explosive growth. So rapidly has the field expanded that no individual can master all its aspects. The editors have brought together 47 experts in subjects ranging from functional morphology and palaeobiology to biogeography. They present a thorough survey of dinosaurs from the earliest discoveries through the contemporary controversies over extinction. Where contention exists, as over the question of whether dinosaurs were warm blooded or cold blooded, the editors have let the experts agree to disagree. Technical jargon is kept to a minimum, and there is a glossary of less familiar terms. This is a superb volume to grace your shelves.

Get boned up on the fossil record of these terrifying creatures. Check if this work of popular science is in stock at your local library by consulting the online catalogue at

1128 pages in Indiana University Press

2nd edition published 2012

ISBN  978-0253357014

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James O. Farlow

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