Lonely Hearts of the Cosmos

In southern California, over 50 years ago, a small band of researchers were pursuing a not inconsequential goal – to uncover the origin and fate of the universe. They were equipped with the new 200-inch telescope. Their quest would eventually engulf all of physics and astronomy, leading not only to the discovery of quasars, black holes, and dark matter but also to fame, controversy, and Nobel Prizes.


Lonely Hearts of the Cosmos is really the story of the men and women who undertook this task.  It’s about optimism, determination, collaboration, brilliance, and long cold nights staring into the black icy skies above. I came away with a renewed sense of the grandeur and fragility of human existence to be located in this immensity of space and time. Perhaps you will too after reading this inspiring account of astronomical research.


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464 pages in Little, Brown

First published 1991

ISBN 978-0060159641


Dennis Overbye

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