Should you wish to refresh your understanding of meteorites, this guide is to be recommended. Meteorite research shows us about the origin and early history of the Solar System. Robert Hutchison considers the mechanism and timing of core formation and basaltic volcanism on asteroids, and the effects of heating water-rich bodies. Results from meteorite research are placed in a galactic setting, and a theory is proposed for the origin of the planets of our Solar System.


The book’s 12 chapters describe chondrites (including one about chemistry and classification, one about components, and one each about carbonaceous and non-carbonaceous chondrites). There are explanations of  primitive achondrites, ureilites, and lunar and martian meteorites, as well as aubrites, HEDs, and irons. Useful tables and figures compare the petrography, chemistry, and oxygen isotopes of the different types.


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520 pages in Cambridge University Press

First published 2004

ISBN  978-0521470100


Robert Hutchison

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