Unmasked by Laurence Cockcroft

We are all living poorer lives because of cheats, tax dodgers, criminals and the corrupt. The scale of wealth that is stolen from you should make you boil with rage. And it’s not just in hopelessly brutal and corrupt regimes in Africa, South America or Asia that it takes place. It’s in Europe and North America.

This book identifies the driving forces behind such criminality, particularly the role of political finance, lobbying, the banking system and organised crime. It analyses the sectors which are particularly prone to corruption, including sport, defence and pharmaceuticals. In the course of the investigation, the book considers why anti-corruption legislation has not been more effective and why there is an increasing discrepancy between regulation and commercial and cultural practice. Are Europe and the US genuinely serious about fighting corruption?  If so, what measures can really be taken to tackle it? This book is not recommended if you have high blood pressure.

Laurence Cockcroft (http://www.laurencecockcroft.co.uk/bio/) is a development economist who has worked for governments, international organizations, and public sector bodies. He is a founding member of Transparency International (https://www.transparency.org/)

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288 pages in I.B. Tauris

First published 2016

ISBN  978-1784536084

Laurence Cockcroft

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