The Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism

The last person to have read most of the published output probably lived in the 1500s! No person can now read more than a microscopic fraction of the published word (in any of its many formats). Guides, literary criticism and anthologies can offer a tool for the bewildered. Literary criticism, particularly, not merely enthuses about authors and writing but attempts to set standards of judgement and taste.

This anthology of critical writing from Norton ( ranges from Gorgias and Plato to Sigmund Freud and Mikhail Bakhtin. Each of the 147 contributions has a headnote introducing the writer and making connections to other critics, theorists and movements. An introduction surveys the history of theory and criticism. This is a standard work in its field, a reference work, a treasure trove, and as such a wonderful addition to your collections. Own it.

2800 pages in W.W. Norton & Company

2nd revised edition 9 April 2010

ISBN  978-0393932928

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