The Swan Maid

Dilly Court has been enriching the lives of her readers with carefully crafted novels of great power and conviction for some time. Her 23rd, The Swan Maid, is available now and her devoted readership can fully expect more to follow before the year is out. Court writes Dillygently every morning before rewarding herself with a custard cream and a pot of tea. A brief respite on her chintz fabric sofa then it’s time to take Barley out for a walk. Find out more about these methods of the creative artist here

The summary of The Swan Maid is as follows. Lottie Lane is all alone in the world. As a chambermaid at one of London’s busiest inns, condemned to a life of drudgery and at the mercy of a vicious landlady, Lottie is too worn out to even dream of a better life. Then, one night an injured soldier is brought to ‘The Swan’. Lottie nurses him back from the dead and suddenly everything changes. She finds herself following the drum of the soldiers, all the way from the docks of Chatham to the darkness and despair of a far flung battlefield. Tragedy strikes, as it must, since our character must show the moral courage to overcome adversity. So Lottie is alone once more and thrown back into the jaws of London’s mean streets. With the threat of destitution a breath away, Lottie is in dire need of a miracle. Will she be beaten mercilessly and her clogs and shawl tossed aside like so much rubbish? Or will Lottie have the purity of heart and determination to win through against cruel fate?

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496 pages in Harper

First published 2016

ISBN  978-0008137441


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Dilly Court


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