The Devil: A Biography by Peter Stanford

It’s only in very recent times that people have found it uncomfortable to believe in the reality of The Devil. This is in line with the liberal squeamishness about believing in the reality of Hell. Millions across the globe, though, who do not live near University precincts or live in Georgian town houses, still believe in the sulphurous old Beast. His scaly black skin, horns, cloven hoof and red eyes have become embedded in the popular psyche.

Peter Stanford ( traces the development of the character and role of Satan through the ages and examines how we tackle evil today. It is really an ‘In Our Time’ ( style walk through the history of the concept, and is a devilishly entertaining read. On completing it remember the caution of Charles Baudelaire – The Devil’s deepest wile is to persuade us that he does not exist. Snicker, snicker……

Enquire at your local library, or available at

315 pages in Henry Holt & Co.

First published October 1996

ISBN 978-0805030822

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Peter Stanford

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