Mr Weston’s Good Wine by T.F. Powys

Mr. Weston’s Good Wine (1927) by Theodore Francis Powys ( is a strange and delightful book. The story and the style are unfathomably simple.

Accompanied by an assistant called Gabriel, a woolly-haired wine-seller drives into a small Dorset town called Folly Down. Time stops, and the sign on the battered van appears in the sky. Some in the town drink the light wine Mr Weston is selling, others the dark. The tale is an allegory of the struggle between good and evil. Realising that the town is his own creation, the wine-seller longs to drink the dark wine himself. If you want to know how Mr. Weston’s visit ends, you’ll have to read the book.

T.F. Powys, the son of an Anglican vicar, was deeply if unconventionally, religious. He was influenced by the Bible, John Bunyan, Jonathan Swift and other writers of the 17th and 18th centuries, as well as later writers such as Thomas Hardy and Friederich Nietszche.

256 pages in Vintage Classics paperback edition

First published in 1927

ISBN 978-0099589655

T.F. Powys

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