Germany: Memories of a Nation

Dr. Neil MacGregor ( and and ), Director of the British Museum, offers this sumptuous history of Germany through objects and art. Whilst Germany’s past is too often seen through the prism of the two World Wars, this book investigates a wider six hundred-year-old history of the nation through its objects. It examines the key moments that have defined Germany’s past, its great, world-changing achievements and its devastating tragedies and it explores the profound influence that Germany’s history, culture, and inventiveness have had across Europe. The book accompanies the Radio 4 series available on iPlayer and podcast at  MacGregor’s voice oozes sophistication and erudition. The objects featured in the radio series range from large sculptures to small individual artifacts and items that are prosaic, iconic, and symbolic. Each has a story to tell and a memory to invoke. Beautifully and lavishly illustrated, this is a ‘must have’ for all you Teutophiles.


640 pages in Allen Lane

First published 6 November 2014

ISBN 978-0241008331


Dr Neil MacGregor

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