The Oxford Book of Modern Science Writing

Let’s face it. A great deal of science writing is impenetrable to the non professional. Not only is modern science so deep, broad and complex, it is full of its own jargon. Richard Dawkins has put together an anthology of some of the finest science writing of recent times. It proves that science can be presented with passion, elegance and lucidity. Here you will find chapters, papers and articles by Martin Rees, Matt Ridley, Steve Jones, Richard Fortey, Steven Pinker, Jared Diamond, Edward O. Wilson, Daniel Dennet, Carl Sagan, Brian Greene, among many others. Ideally you’ll go on to read the more substantial output of these authors. Science is so thrilling, and such a glorious achievement of humanity that I almost believe it is a moral obligation to attend to it. Here endeth the lesson.


448 pages in Oxford University Press

ISBN 978-0199216819


Richard Dawkins

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