The Runaway Woman

Josephine Cox ( has touched the hearts of millions with (at the last count) her 44 novels and is in the top 3 most borrowed authors from public libraries. If that is not an endorsement nothing is. Let me tempt you with the following offering.

Do you ever have the feeling that there should have been more to life than being dutiful and having the kids (love them to bits as you do)? Is there something strong and precious within you that is yearning to break free? You’re like Lucy then. Lucy lives an ordinary life in a nondescript street. Was she a fool or an angel to want to run away? Lucy Lovejoy married her childhood sweetheart at 16, but since then she’s lost a little more of herself with each passing year. Those looking from the outside think she’s like any other wife and mother, but there is no warmth or love at the centre of Lucy’s family – her children have watched their father belittle her for years and are, much to her sadness, following in his footsteps. With her 40th birthday approaching, Lucy discovers that her good-for-nothing husband is having an affair with her sister, a double-betrayal for Lucy, and it shatters her. Sitting on a bench one day – she looks back at her life, and feels like she’s done nothing with it. So, mustering up all of her courage she decides to leave her family and the home she’s devoted so many years to, she decides to go out into the world and start a new life. What will Lucy discover? Will she find the wings to fly at last. I urge you to take that flight with Josephine Cox.


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432 pages in Harper Collins

ISBN 978-0007419937


Josephine Cox

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