The Finisher

American lawyer and resident of Virginia, USA, David Baldacci ( has 27 best selling novels to date. His latest is a mesmerizing tour de force. The summary is as follows. Fourteen-year-old Vega Jane lives in the village of Wormwood, where life is nasty, brutish and short. Villagers have been told that there is nothing outside of Wormwood except for the Quag, a foul forest filled with terrifying beasts. No one comes, no one goes, and Wormwood has stayed this way for generations. Until Vega’s mentor Quentin Herms disappears. Quentin leaves Vega a secret message hinting that there’s a way out of Wormwood and something extraordinary on the other side. As Vega begins to investigate, she realizes that Wormwood is a village built on dangerous lies. And that powerful people are willing to kill in order to keep it that way. Soon Vega is careening down a path that will either lead straight to the truth . . . or straight into an early grave. OMG. Get gripped.

Available in paperback at


512 pages in Macmillan paperback edition.

ISBN 978-1447263005


David Baldacci

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