Glasgow crime writer Sinclair Macleod (¬†gives us his darkest, and in many ways his most compelling¬†book in ‘Soulseeker‘. The summary is as follows. Detective Inspector Alex Menzies starts her first day in a new job with a call to the scene of a terrible murder. The body of a young man has been¬†cremated on a funeral pyre in Port Dundas¬†with a hole drilled¬†in the middle of his forehead. The investigation into the bizarre murder is lead by Alex’s new boss Detective Superintendent Tom Russell. A vicious, bigoted racist is the first suspect but within days the city is shocked by the discovery of another mutilated and burned body. The killer’s signature is a small cross placed in the victim’s hand and the terrifying possibility of the city’s first serial killer in over forty years gives the police investigators a challenge that will tax all their skills and combined experience. New victims are found and with each death the case becomes more puzzling and the police more desperate. The killer releases a statement to the press saying that he will not cease his murderous activities until he has satisfied his obsession about the human soul. Where is the proof that it leaves the human body at the point of death? As fear grips Glasgow, the investigative team must find the Soulseeker before he kills again in his search for the truth about the human soul.


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275 pages in Marplesi paperback edition

ISBN 978-0956698391

Sinclair Macleod




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