Travels in Siberia

Ian Frazier ( and trains his perceptive, generous eye on Siberia, the expanse of Asiatic Russia with a grim renown.

In Travels in Siberia (2010), Frazier reveals Siberia’s role in history – its science, economics, and politics – with great passion and enthusiasm, ensuring that we’ll never think about it in the same way again. He tells the stories of Siberia’s most famous exiles. Dostoyevsky, Lenin , Stalin, Natalie Lopukhin, and Solzhenitsyn are all covered. Travels in Siberia is also a unique chronicle of Russia since the end of the Soviet Union, a personal account of adventures among Russian friends and acquaintances, and, above all, a unique, captivating, totally Frazierian take on what he calls the ‘amazingness’ of Russia. It is a country that, for all its tragic history, somehow still manages to be funny. This is an outstanding achievement in travel writing.

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529 pages in Picador USA paperback edition

ISBN 978-0312610609

Ian Frazier

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