Chronicles of Wasted Time

This volume contains both parts of Muggeridge’s  ( and acclaimed memoir – The Green Stick (1972) and The Infernal Grove (1973), plus the start to an unfinished third volume entitled The Right Eye. An international throng of writers, politicians, soldiers, spies, traitors and eccentrics jostles in these page from Attlee to Wodehouse via Burgess and Philby, Churchill, de Gaulle, Gide, Chanel, Montgomery, Evelyn Waugh. There are lots of laughs here; his description of being inducted into the mysteries of invisible writing when he joined the M16, for instance, is one of the great comic set-pieces that are artfully placed throughout the book. Apart from these, wit sparkles on almost every page. Look forward to some very fine writing from this prolific and celebrated journalist.


576 pages in Regent College Publishing paperback edition

ISBN 978-1573833769


Malcolm Muggeridge

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