The Caine Mutiny

Herman Wouk’s (¬†boldly dramatic, brilliantly entertaining novel of life and mutiny on a US Navy warship in the Pacific theatre. This¬†was immediately embraced as one of the first serious works of American fiction to grapple with the moral complexities and the human consequences of World War II. In the intervening 60 years, The Caine Mutiny has become a perennial favorite of readers young and old, has sold millions of copies throughout the world, and has achieved the status of a modern classic.

Follow up an interest in Wouk with Barbara A. Paulson, (ed.), The Historical Novel: A Celebration of the Achievements of Herman Wouk (1999,

The Caine Mutiny was made into a film of 1954 by Edward Dmytryk ( starring Humphrey Bogart, José Ferrer, and Van Johnson.

The novel was first published 1951.

560 pages in Hodder and Stoughton paperback edition

ISBN 978-1444786071

Herman Wouk

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