The Bounds of Sense by P.F. Strawson

Sub-titled ‘An Essay on Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason‘, this book is an illuminating analysis of Kant’s main line of thought in the Critique, and it goes beyond Kant in its marvellously perceptive discussion of the relation between language and the world as we perceive it. Kant was perhaps the first truly professional philosopher. He had an immense influence on all subsequent philosophy but he was also a difficult and rebarbative writer. Strawson’s ( and and book is not a simplification, but a demonstration of the profundity and significance of Kant’s whole philosophical project, that of setting limits to what we can and cannot say and know. An indispensable guide which anyone with even a passing interest in philosophy must read.

304 pages in Routledge paperback edition

ISBN 978-0415040303

P.F. Strawson

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