Stanley Baldwin

A fine biography from 1952 of Stanley Baldwin (1867 – 1947 and, the only British Prime Minister to serve under three monarchs (George V, Edward VIII and George VI).  He was in office in new and difficult conditions: the onset of modern democratic
politics, the rise of Labour, chronic economic depression, the General Strike, persistent newspaper attacks, imperial discontent, the Abdication, and the threats from Mussolini and Hitler. George Malcolm Young ( offers a balanced and informative account of the great statesman. He provides an understanding of Baldwin’s career, including a serious analysis of the moral and intellectual influences of his early life. Its main concerns are the investigation of a Conservative mind, and its communication with the various audiences that constituted the political nation.

Follow up an interest in Baldwin with the superb 1999 volume  Stanley Baldwin:
Conservative Leadership and National Values ( by Philip Williamson.

266 pages in Rupert Hart-Davis publications



Stanley Baldwin                           George Malcolm Young

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