Redcoats and Rebels

The story of The American War of Independence ( has usually been told in terms of a conflict between blundering British generals and their rigidly disciplined red-coated troops on the one side, and heroic American patriots in their homespun shirts and coonskin caps on the other. In this fresh, compelling narrative, Christopher Hibbert ( and portrays the realities of a war that raged the length of an entire continent—a war that thousands of George Washington’s fellow countrymen condemned and that he came close to losing. Based on a wide variety of sources and alive with astute character sketches and eyewitness accounts, Redcoats and Rebels (1990) presents a vivid and convincing picture of the ‘cruel, accursed’ war that changed the world forever. It includes 16 pages of illustrations. In this history you’ll find impeccable scholarship with a liveliness of style that will keep you turning the pages. Do enjoy it.

400 pages in Pen and Sword Military paperback edition

ISBN 978-1844156993

Christopher Hibbert

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