Crowdie and Cream

Finlay J MacDonald was born and brought up on Harris, in the Outer Hebrides. As a child he spoke only Gaelic while the village schoolteacher spoke only English. His account of pre-war life on Harris was later to be published, in English, in a trilogy of books: ‘Crowdie and Cream‘ (1982); ‘Crotal and White’ (1983); and ‘The Corncrake and the Lysander’ (1985). MacDonald went on to pursue a successful career as a radio drama and talks producer, before becoming a television producer. He was greatly influential in establishing Gaelic radio and television broadcasting and was the founder of the Gaelic Drama Association. He was the co-founder and co-editor (1952-1964) of ‘Gairm’, the quarterly Gaelic magazine which remained one of the most important outlets for the language until it ceased publication in 2004. He was also editor of the Portree school magazine, ‘An Cabairneach’.

In Crowdie and Cream we have poignant memories of growing up between the wars on Harris. The world and way of life evoked has really gone now. For anyone with a Hebridean connection (I include myself) these are beautiful, elegaic tales from a special time and place. Those bleak, treeless and wind-blasted spaces have the power to captivate and enchant resident and visitor alike. Allow MacDonald to transport you to a different world. Best of all, read MacDonald and then arrange a holiday or tour of the Outer Hebrides.

544 pages in Sphere paperback edition

ISBN 978-0751513486

Finlay J. MacDonald


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