Perhaps it says something about modern sensibilities or modern culture that the reading public likes its thriller fiction ultra hard boiled. This is proven by the phenomenal success of Martina Cole  (she has sold more than 8 million copies)( who delivers gut churning tales from the London underworld. 19  of these gritty novels from the pen of all people – a convent school girl! Libraries simply can’t stock enough copies of her books to satisfy the reading public. You could try her latest, Revenge, simply to guage the taste of so many million readers. If you like it you’ll become one of those millions. The summary of Revenge (2013) goes as follows. Michael Flynn is untouchable in a world of power, money and violence. He fights for what he wants and he takes it, whatever the cost. He learns the rules of the life from the best and when his mentor, legendary Face Patrick Costello, is taken out, no one questions that Michael Flynn is his natural successor. For Michael, loyalty and crime  pay. Michael rises to heights beyond anything the criminal underworld has seen. He owns everyone and he rules his empire with an even but fierce hand. No one would dare challenge him. Then the unthinkable happens. Perhaps Michael Flynn is not so untouchable after all, and he must learn that without the shedding of blood there can be no forgiveness of sins.

560 pages in Headline

ISBN 978-0755375615

Martina Cole

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