First Sight

Danielle Steele is one of those people who has had such a busy life one can’t figure out where all the time came from to cram it all in. Another I often think of in this light is Melvyn Bragg. Steele ( is now 65 years old and the world’s best selling author, having sold 800 million copies across the globe. She has clocked up five marriages and divorces. Affairs of the heart as depicted in her fiction, therefore, have an experiential basis. First Sight is her 90th novel by my reckoning. Some popular fiction authors, such as Virginia Andrews appear to have gone on publishing after their deaths. Perhaps Steele will too. At any rate here is the brief summary. First Sight is the moving story of Timmie O, a successful woman working in the world of high fashion – both in Paris and New York – who recaptures her passion for life after a horrible setback. Timmie O is a self-made fashion legend who runs a hugely successful business empire. But while her career is a brilliant success, she has trouble connecting with others after a devastating loss and a marriage that fell apart. The men she dates are beautiful and charming, but none of her relationships are meaningful. All of that changes when a surprise bout with appendicitis puts her under the care of French doctor Jean-Charles Vernier. With him, Timmie feels almost immediate sparks – something she no longer thought was possible. The only problem is that he’s still married to someone else…

384 pages in Bantam Press paperback edition.

ISBN 978-0593063170

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