Doyenne of the gritty and gripping thriller, Jacqui Rose (¬†entertains us again with Dishonour in 2013. The summary is as follows. When Laila takes the chance of holding hands with her teenage crush Ray Ray on the walk home from school, she has no idea of the trouble she’s about to cause. Perfect for fans of Martina Cole, Dishonour is a hard-hitting¬†page-turner. Laila is beautiful and kind and clever. Traits that will get her into trouble. Make people dislike her. And when she starts hanging around with an English boy, Ray Ray, she brings shame on her family and needs to be taught a lesson. But Laila and Ray Ray are in love and don’t heed the warnings. There are dangerous men in the world, men who are always watching, and who will stop at nothing to get things done their way. Soon there’s a terrible ‘accident’ and Laila is forced to make a deal with the devil. And pay a very heavy price for breaking the rules…
368 pages in Avon paperback edition.
ISBN 978-0007503599
Jacqui Rose
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