Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

Things Fall Apart (1958) tells how Okonkwo, a great warrior of an Ibo village in Nigeria falls from grace in his tribal world.

The conflict between the individual and society is no better or more wisely illustrated. A second story depicts the proselytizing European missionaries who threaten to destroy the existing indigenous culture.

Writing from an insider vantage point allows Achebe ( to describe Ibo tribal practices in such a way that condemnation is not the automatic attitude.

This leads to thinking that pluralism of the sort approved by Isaiah Berlin ( would be more wise and humane than the extermination of competing cultures by acts of colonial imperialism.

A widely read and discussed novel. 208 pages in the Penguin Classics paperback.

Chinua Achebe died 21 March 2013. An obituary can be read here Chinua Achebe obituary | Chinua Achebe | The Guardian

Chinua Achebe

ISBN 978-0141023380

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