The Man Without Qualities by Robert Musil

Mathematician Ulrich has no qualities in the sense that his self-awareness is completely divorced from his abilities. Real life is an inconvenience. He dwells in the realm of ideas. His ambivalence towards morality and the world around him stem from the essential hollowness of his nature. He is therefore an unlikely candidate to be drawn into a project, the “Parallel Campaign”, to celebrate the anniversary of Emperor Franz Joseph’s coronation.
The device allows Musil ( to share his reflections on (among dozens of other topics) love, sex, money, sport, metaphysics and theology.
Divided into 131 chapters. A torment for those who dislike Modernist writing. Rich pickings for those who enjoy it.

1130 pages in Picador paperback edition.

ISBN 978-1447211877

Robert Musil

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