The Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann

In this novel of 1924 Thomas Mann ( offers us a dizzyingly rich book of ideas.

The Magic Mountain takes place in an exclusive tuberculosis sanatorium in the Swiss Alps – a community devoted to sickness that serves as a fictional microcosm for Europe in the days before the First World War. To this hermetic and otherworldly realm comes Hans Castorp, an ‘ordinary young man’ from Hamburg who arrives for a short visit and ends up staying for seven years. During this time he succumbs both to the lure of Eros and to the intoxication of ideas.

A central theme is the subjective nature of time. An ambiguous, ironic, complex and rich work. Be prepared for a long read and a spot of intellectual vertigo.

Thomas Mann

752 pages in the Vintage Classics paperback edition.

ISBN 978-0749386429

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