The Last Temptation

Scotland’s own Val McDermid writes what has become known as ‘Tartan Noir’. Some of her offerings are seriously not for the faint hearted. They hover, with lovingly painted detail, over graphic scenes of violence and torture. For a gentle introduction to her oeuvre try The Last Temptation. The plot goes as follows. A twisted killer targeting psychologists has left a grisly trail across Europe. Dr Tony Hill, expert at mapping the minds of murderers, is reluctant to get involved. But then the next victim is much closer to home… Meanwhile, his former partner, DCI Carol Jordan, is working undercover in Berlin, on a dangerous operation to trap a millionaire trafficker. When the game turns nasty, Tony is the only person she can call on for help. Confronting a cruelty that has its roots in Nazi atrocities, Tony and Carol are thrown together in a world of violence and corruption, where they have no one to trust but each other. Nothing like this could possibly occur in the genteel suburbs of Lanark. Could it….?

ISBN: 978-0006514190

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