How Mumbo-Jumbo conquered the world by Francis Wheen

Anyone out there pretty much wedded to Enlightenment ideals? I hope so. Sadly, in recent decades these have come under attack from a whole slew of irrationalisms.

Cults, quackery, gurus, hysterical panics, moral confusion and an epidemic of mumbo-jumbo, pre-modernists and post-modernists, medieval theocrats and New Age mystics. They’re all here trying to drag us back into the darkness.

Francis Wheen ( proves himself to be an adroit and humorous anatomist of all this nonsense. Please enjoy this and also his collected journalism, Hoo-hahs and Passing Frenzies (, which won him the Orwell Prize in 2003.

368 pages in Harper Perennial paperback edition.

ISBN 978-0007140978

Francis Wheen

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