FANTASTIC FICTION - Escapes to other places and other times

Mr Fortune’s Maggot

After a decade in one South Seas mission, a London bank-clerk-turned-minister sets his heart on serving a remote volcanic island. Fanua contains neither cannibals nor Christians, but its citizens, his superior warns, are like children—immoral children. Still, Mr. Timothy Fortune sets out for Fanua.  After three years, he has made only one convert, and his devotion […]

LITERARY BENT - Writing at its best

The End of the Affair

Maurice Bendrix’s love affair with his friend’s wife, Sarah, had begun in London during the Blitz. One day, inexplicably and without warning, Sarah had broken off the relationship. Two years later, driven by obsessive jealousy and grief, Bendrix sends Parkis, a private detective, to follow Sarah. As the reader discovers, there had really been 3 persons in […]