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Jeffrey Eugenides

Literary Bent - Writing at its best

Long on the ‘to do’ list for reading fiction, I’m delighted to have completed Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides...

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Bel Canto

Ann Patchett

Literary Bent - Writing at its best

Long on the ‘to do’ reading list, I’m delighted finally to have read Bel Canto (2001) by Ann Patchett ( this...

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The Scientific Revolution

Steven Shapin

Experimental Evidence - History of Science

The ‘Scientific Revolution’ ( cannot be thought of as occurring neatly in a certain...

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God in the Age of Science?

Herman Philipse

Egghead Choice - Philosophy of Religion

Today, 31 March 2018, is the day of Stephen Hawking’s funeral. ( It says something about...

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The Economy of Cities

Jane Jacobs

Egghead Choice - Urban economics

By 2050, 70% of the world’s population will live in cities....

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Approach to Aesthetics

Frank Sibley

Egghead Choice - Aesthetics

If you’ve ever wondered what’s going on when you’re appreciating art and beauty, this could be the book for you. In theory of art and beauty...

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Exit West

Mohsin Hamid

Fantastic Fiction - Escapes to other places and other times

It’s March 2018. Migration is a hot topic as we enter into the final 12 month period before the UK leaves the European Union. Whichever way the UK...

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The Making of the Fittest

Sean B. Carroll

Experimental Evidence - Science - Evolution

Just as fossils provide a window into the past, evolution leaves a footprint on DNA. In The Making of the Fittest, Sean B. Carroll...

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My Country and My People

Lin Yutang

Egghead Choice - Cultural anthropology

China has achieved a staggering transformation in the last 30 years, and now stands on the threshold of becoming the world’s largest economy. It is...

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The White Nile

Alan Moorehead

Egghead Choice - Travel Literature

This classic by Alan Moorehead ( is one for your shelf...

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